Mindfulness Summit Report – Rick Hanson


I loved Rick Hanson’s interview. His personality shone through as engaging, charming, and fun and his message was eloquent, erudite and powerful.

His most powerful message is that we need to respect the power of the cave man brain and accept that our brain is extremely vulnerable to ignition of the ‘Ancient fires of craving’. Rick explains that craving is caused by an internal sense of deficit or disturbance.

The sense of deficit or disturbance is associated with our core needs for safety, satisfaction and connection with others. We need to move from fear, frustration and heartache towards peace, contentment and love.

To achieve this people need to experience in their bones again and again that their core needs are being taken care of, otherwise the brain goes into its red zone and starts to feel threatened, dissatisfied or hurt, no matter how mindful or morally committed it is.

Rick summarizes by saying that mindfulness although necessary is not sufficient on its own. We also need to add moral commitments and a process of really, really experiencing core needs met to take fuel away from our ‘Ancient fires of craving’.

Mindfulness Summit Report – Rick Hanson

5 thoughts on “Mindfulness Summit Report – Rick Hanson

  1. Sally says:

    Interesting commentary – and in my experience, so true. How does Hanson propose that we get our needs met? Is this an inside job?

    1. Hi Sally, good question. I actually went and purchased one of his audio books, I was so interested by his talk and enamored by his personality and charisma. I can’t give you a full response until I have listened to the whole book. But it seems that negative experiences are like velcro, they just stick to us. While positive experiences are like teflon, they soon slide away and are forgotten about. We tend to hang on the negative. In terms of satisfying our basic needs of safety, satisfaction and connection. It seems his suggestion is to keep reinforcing these daily through experiencing, enriching and reinforcing our positive experiences so that we are constantly attending to our insatiable hunger for our basic human needs.

      1. Sally says:

        I think you’ve summed up here why I blog. It really is to capture and hold on to the goodness in my life. I’m going to have to find one of his books to read! Thanks!

      2. He comes across as a very charismatic guy. I am registered with “Sounds True” and every now and then have big reductions on teachers I follow.

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